Whether you are organizing a team-building away day, a charity ride, or creating an event to entertain your clients, we can build a custom bike ride that’s perfect for you.

We are experts in arranging cycling events for corporate groups.. We have a wealth of knowledge to help put together your ideal package, from tried and tested routes to something completely bespoke for your needs. Why not take a look at our Where To page to get some inspiration, or if you’ve already got specific plans, tell us all about it on the form below. We can also incorporate any particular requests or routes that you would like to do: for example, starting at your UK base and finishing at your Amsterdam office.

Why a Bike Where you Like Corporate ride is a great idea

  • Fully Customized
    Build a cycle event that suits the needs and abilities of your employees and meets your CSR
  • Where and When You Like
    Pick your destinations and duration
  • Get fit and healthy
    A joint challenge with your colleagues gives you a reason to train, and incentives to keep fit and healthy
  • Networking
    Employees and directors get to socialize, building unique connections over a shared challenge
  • Charity and Community
    Combine your challenge with community projects and charity fundraising
  • Team Building
    Create shared bonds between employees through training, publicity, committees, social media and other team-building activities
  • Client Entertainment
    Why not invite corporate partners and clients?
  • Conference Experience on Wheels
    Great hospitality packages enjoying a variety of food and drinks
  • Extras
    Routes are tailor-made to your needs, so if you have any specific requirements we can build the route around your vision; time trial options, visiting specific locations, prizes (and booby prizes). No request too crazy – we like a challenge!

your perfect route

We won’t put you on a trip with strangers. Our trips are specifically for your group only.